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Bartenders who entertain clients or guests with sophisticated bartool manipulations, such as cocktail shakers or liquor bottles, are known for their flair bartending skills. This is a common action in bars that serve cocktails, so juggling skills may be required.

Flavor bartending is also known as extreme bartending. The term flair was popularized in the mid-1990s. Flair can be used to refer to entertaining guests while mixing drinks. It can also be used verbally to describe any type of bartender trickery. Close-up magic tricks include flipping, juggling, manipulating flaming liquors and even performing tricks like juggling or flipping. Flavor bartending acts add artistic elements to enhance the guest experience. It is possible to keep the spirit of mixology, drinks-oriented bartending and service-oriented bartending if you use flair correctly. Flairtending tends to be more popular because it focuses more on serving drinks and providing visual entertainment for customers.

The Art of Trickery and Visuals

Bars are a unique place where acrobatic showmanship is combined with the ability to make alcoholic beverages. They have evolved into shrines to serious drink-making. Stagecraft is not acceptable in the age of shrewd bartenders. Mixology is all about ingredients, traditional recipes, and tools. Extraneous moves that please the crowd, but have no impact on the flavor of the cocktail, are not allowed.

One of the earliest records of flair bottles bartenders is Jerry “The Professor” Thomas, who was known for his fiery stream of boiling water and flaming whisky. He also mixed a Blue Blazer original in the 19th century. Flair Bartending was not mentioned in the early records. It is believed to have originated from the T.G.I Fridays Company. This includes their establishment in Los Angeles, California with John Bandy.

According to the legend, John Bandy became bored with his routine in the 1980s. He was getting tired of meeting customers every day and so he decided to change things up. He experimented with many bar tools and learned how to fly a cocktail tin behind the head.

Beautyflier White Color 11-1/4″ Height Flair Bartender Practice and Performance Bottle

It is easy to use and handle. You can learn some working flair moves with the Bottle. It’s cool to have one for you and your friends. The bottle is balanced and weighted just like real glass bottles.

Winco PFBT-11W Flair Bottle White with Lavender Tint

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JoyMerit Flair Bartender Practice and Performance Bottle, Red (Random Color Cap).

It is attractive and fun to use. It is simple, economical and practical. It’s a great tool for learning new moves. It’s a great way to entertain friends and family without having to deal with broken bottles everywhere.

Flair Bartender Practice and Performance Bottle Wine Cocktail Shaker — Just like a Real Glass Bottle – Pink

You can add another dimension of color to your bar by adding the authenticity of “glass” without having to deal with real glass bottles or breakage. It is a reliable product that can be trusted and used as a tool to help you learn new styles.

Flair Bottle – 8pcs Flair Bartender Kit and 1 Flair Bottle, Boston Shaker, Practice, & Performance Bottle – FLKT0003 (8pcs color)

The flask bottle body is made from shatterproof PVC, while the Boston shaker has an 18/28oz tin-on-tin. The Boston shaker is great for practice. You can split the shaker into two separate tins and pour any liquor you want into them. It is made from premium stainless steel and is very durable.

Flair Bottle – Flair Bartender Kit 1 Bottle 2 Tins Practice & Performance Bottle FLKT0001 (Flair Bottle Boston Shaker).

The flair bottle’s body is made from shatterproof PVC. It includes the 18/28oz Tin on Tin Boston Shaker. This is great for practicing when you need to split the shaker into two tins and pour any liquor in them however you want. It is made from stainless steel and has a premium stainless steel pourer and a 304 stainless steel blade.

Flair Bottle – 25oz/750ml Height Flair Bartender Practice & Performance Bottle

Flare bottles can hold 25oz/750ml liquid. Let’s see how you can make bartending more fun at different volumes. Made of shatterproof PVC. This bottle can be used to practice and learn any bartending technique. It is great for learning talent moves and can be used to improve your work skills. Attract more guests. This set includes 1 opener, 3 plastic bottle pourers, and 6 stainless steel bottle pourers.

Flair Bartending “2 Bottles 2 Tins” Practice and Performance Bottle with “Bottles-up Signature Series Bottle Opener

This soft plastic pour spout is made from shatterproof PVC and holds liquid. Dimensions: Height: 3 inches x 11-1/5 inches Capacity: 25 oz (750 ml. Unbreakable Flair Bartender bottle. Made of stainless steel, this shaker is durable and economical.

Flairco Bar Flair bottle 1 Liter – White + Travel bag

Because of its versatility and ability to use different flair styles, this Flairco Flairco bottle has been a favorite size for bartenders with all levels. These Flairco bottles are half the weight of an empty glass bottle, but they are shatterproof. The complete package includes a bottle pourer/stopper as well as a handy bag for travel.