Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

It can be difficult to find a skirt that flatters your body type. Let’s choose the ideal skirt for your body type in this article.

Whatever sort of women’s skirt you choose, it will always have a defined waistband, which may suit some of us more than others.

It may appear that deciding on a top or dress to wear for your body shape is easier because you can choose between a dress that completely covers your waist or one that hugs it. However, your skirt must certainly fit around your waist!!

When it comes to modern hanfu skirt, though, there are still plenty of methods, tips, and options.

Which skirt is ideal for your body type?

Every body shape has a skirt to fit it, whether it’s knee-length, midi, A-line, pencil, denim, maxi, asymmetrical… the options are unlimited. Here’s how to pick a skirt that flatters your figure.

If you want to learn more about how to dress for your body type, here are some helpful hints for each body type…

  • Body type: inverted triangle
  • Body type: Rectangle
  • Body type: apple
  • Body type: pear
  • Body type: hourglass

The most flattering skirt for the Apple body type

You carry your weight around your waist if you’re an apple shape, but you’re likely to have fantastic legs! You can choose an A-line shape that merely skims over your belly, or an empire style that has its thinnest point right below your breast, making it simple to wear a dress.

Women’s skirts can be found in a variety of styles and colors. Instead of hugging your midriff where it is at its largest, look for a high-waisted choice that fits at the slimmest area of your body.

On you, a flirty, flared skirt will look stunning. If your skirt is excessively short, it will produce a top-heavy impression. Keep it slightly above the knee. But don’t stay too long — you want to show off those amazing pins!

The best skirt for an hourglass figure

When it comes to dressing for your body type, the goal is almost always to get that coveted hourglass figure!

So, if you already have hourglass curves, show them off! Pencil skirts for ladies can show off your gorgeous shape while smoothing down your thighs.

Choose a traditional neutral tone like black or taupe, or go for a deep, rich color like this Halogen rust pencil skirt.

You may choose between a form-fitting pencil skirt that hugs your svelte body and a voluminous shape like an A-line or a full midi skirt that creates curves.

This asymmetrical midi skirt from Moon River will add some extra curves and fullness to your hips.

The Most Appropriate Skirt for a Pear Shape

Your bottom half will be wider than your upper half if you have a pear shape.

An A-line skirt, like this Anthony Thomas Melillo pull-on skirt, will accentuate the smallest area of your waist while flaring out over your hips to diminish your bottom half.

Darker-colored skirts for ladies will also aid to slim your hips and thighs.

Inverted triangle body type’s best skirt

Your shoulders will be wider than your hips if you have an inverted triangle body type.

You may create width on your lower half and give the idea of being an hourglass by wearing a flared skirt like this one from English Factory!