Tue. Aug 16th, 2022

This guide is intended to help new players learn about Raid Shadow: Legends.

The right starter champion

Kael is your first champ. He’s the best champ in the game! Kael has an excellent AOE and is a top ten poisoner in the game. Because they don’t have the same utility in other areas of the game, he beats them all.

The clan boss will appreciate Kael’s poison. It increases your damage and allows you to move up to higher levels faster. This freebie is too strong for him to give up.

Warmaiden is an early game changer

Grab a warmaiden champion as soon as possible. She’s a farmable champion and can be taken part in the campaign. Warmaiden is a champion with an AOE decrease defense ability. This can be easily booked by farming multiple champions. This ability can be game-changing at any stage of the game, but it is best to use it early as your nuker will cause more damage to mobs. Warmaiden is available in all areas until you upgrade. This ability is extremely useful in all areas.

Speed is key!

You will receive an epic champion named High Khatun once you reach day 30 of your daily login rewards. This champion will make your account more positive! High Khatun will be the first champion to become free from the login rewards at Raid: Shadow Legends on day 30! DO NOT FEEDER HER

High Khatun , a Spirit affinity epic of the Barbarian faction, is focused on speed manipulation and is called High Khatun . She is equipped with a Speed Aura, Turn Meter boost, Speed buff and a decreased enemy turn meter. She will remain a core member of your team until you get an upgrade.

Speed is the key to success. You must think about the speed of your champs when you build your teams. If they can beat the campaign mobs and dungeons, then you have a better chance of winning them and moving up the levels.

Speed boots are essential to all champions until mid- to late game. You can diversify your builds but for now you should aim for maximum speed. So, take a look at your speed booster champion filters and add them to your speed boost champion.

You may need speed boots. Join the campaign to hard farm speed boots for your entire team. Even if the speed set is basic, you can still build them.

Speed Aura vs Speed Buff – This is dependent on your champions’ levels because their base speed will increase as they get higher. Speed buffs work faster because they increase your total speed, so all of your artifacts will be included. Auras can only be used against champions with low base speeds. High Khatun is able to counter all of these rules, as she has both and can be very helpful.

Accuracy is the key to avoiding damage

Debuffs require accuracy in order to land them. This is because the enemy has a strong base resistance that can withstand the debuff. Accuracy is the best way to win the battle and land the debuff. As a rule of thumb, the dungeon level x10 = how accurate you need to be, so if I am facing a dragon level 8, I would need 8 x 10 = 80. However, more accuracy will help me land the debuff, as it can still be resisted.

How to nuke Raid: Shadow Legends

There are rules for everything, and this is our rule regarding how to create damage. Crit rate 2. Crit damage 3. attack/defence. These rules will allow you to do more damage by attacking with your building than you think.

Your Great Hall deserves your attention

This hall is vital. I can’t stress enough how important they are for your game. Competing in the arena earns you stats for free. Maximize accuracy in the affinity you use most. Magic will be a major one for Kael. Next, increase defense and Crit Damage.

Make sure to use your gems with care!

Some things, such as selling best artifacts in for silver, are a no-no. It is cheaper to grind 12-3 to gain the silver and then use the gems as energy to replenish and level up your champions.

It’s a great way to make energy out of gems. The more you grind, the better you will be at the game. Maximizing the masteries of your first level 60 champion is another excellent investment. They will help you get through the game well.

The gem mine is a great option if you want to continue playing this game for many years. After 100 days, the gems are completely profitable.

Take good care of your books!

Books are the most desired resource in Raid: Shadow Legends. These books can be used to improve your champion’s abilities, but they are extremely rare. You should not waste your books. Our guide pages provide more information about the book value for each champion.

Add 6 more!

This is crucial when people ask you what to do next. This is the best way to get as many 6 star stars as you can, as they will help you navigate the content. A 6* champion is stronger than 4 5* champions. The 6* will be able to navigate the campaign while the 4 5*’s will have trouble.

To upgrade your account, use your Mystery shards

Although mystery shards can be a great source for food, it is best to have at least 1-3. You can find them in the market every hour. There are usually 1-3 on the market. These are great for 5k silver and it is worth getting some food to level your main champions.

It is easy to exp farm, 12-3 brutal. This is because it is the most economical campaign to farm exp, silver gained, and energy. 8-7 is best for farming gear such as speed set gear. If you are looking for specifics, then you can focus on the one that you require.

Every day, Farm Faction Wars!

Glyphs are vital to your team because they boost stats and give you the best chance of beating dungeons or farming medals in arena.

Simple maths: More stats equals more wins.

You can save shards for special events

Don’t waste your shards! You should only pull your shards during 2x events. This will give you a better chance of becoming a legendary. And who wouldn’t want to have their shards rewarded with gold? You can also wait to see the events if you have to pull shards to earn fusion rewards.

Do not waste your shards, remember that! You can do it!

Dungeon Farm is efficient

The best dungeons for early game are spider-10 and dragon-13. This is because they can drop higher level rewards, so it’s worth doing it. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 4 minutes, it is worth it.