Does Marijuana Relieve Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

Clyde, 46 years old, is my name. I have suffered from severe anxiety issues for most of the rest of my life. Sometimes my anxiety caused me to experience uncontrollable episodes of inner rage when I was doing mundane tasks like cleaning or cooking. To manage my anxiety, I would sometimes smoke marijuana alone or with friends. It’s legal in California to purchase, sell, and consume marijuana with a physician’s note. The cost ranges between $60 and $100. My life has been productive and fulfilling. I’ve started many successful businesses and have 2 beautiful daughters. I used to smoke any weed that I could find. I mostly based my decisions on the smell and pungency of the marijuana. Then I discovered that marijuana, or cannabis, can be found in many different forms and species. However, they generally fall into two main strains: sativa for daytime cerebral use and indica for chilling out and calming down, perhaps before you go to bed. Some people mix the two strains to achieve a completely different effect. Because of the instant calm it gave me when I was having panic attacks, it also helped me feel more focused, motivated, and clear.


Some people argue that marijuana is only temporary and does not provide a “high”. The active ingredient, THC wears off quickly, leaving you hungry, feeling drained, and sometimes worse. That is something I can understand, and I do agree with it to a large degree. It can be very different depending on the marijuana you use to get down for landing. For me, the sativa daily strain of marijuana was the best. I felt better overall and my anxiety attacks were lessened, even if it was only for an hour or so. My anxiety was temporary and I knew that marijuana could not provide a permanent solution. To find a permanent solution, I needed to address the root cause of my anxiety. I was unable to function daily with the constant panic attacks and anger. As with many prescription anxiety medications, buying weed online in canada marijuana immediately released me from the grip of anxiety attacks. Side effects aside, I was able live with the lesser evil.


While I was able to use marijuana to relieve anxiety attacks, I knew there were potential side effects such as brain damage and effects on the lungs. Although some experts claim that marijuana can negatively impact sexual libido and other aspects of the body, I have not noticed any. To reduce the effects on my lungs, I started to eat cannabis edibles such as butter, cakes, pies and sodas. Concerning the loss of brain cells, I decided to borrow another’s. Side effects can be a concern for many people. However, it is important to remember that prescription medications can cause unexpected problems. All of them come at a cost.


One century ago, a U.S. doctor might have recommended marijuana to treat anxiety. The U.S. government also used marijuana to treat “nervous anxiety” in the middle 1800s. Anyone suffering from migraines, menstrual cramps or gout could also get it free of charge. The 1937 law criminalizing marijuana was passed by Congress. California, my home state, was the first to legalize marijuana for treating illness. There are now hundreds of dispensaries in the state. A ballot initiative is being considered to legalize all marijuana, as well as removing the need for a doctor’s prescription. California is followed by 10 to 11 states that have approved legislation allowing medical marijuana use.


For temporary relief from anxiety and panic attacks, marijuana has been accepted more widely. You shouldn’t consider marijuana or any other drug a permanent cure. You must face your deepest fears. There are many forms of cognitive therapy that can help you do this. You can read the following tips to help you reduce anxiety and eliminate it from your life.